Taxi News: Taxi Fleet Insurance for 2020

Taxi News: Taxi Fleet Insurance for 2020

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The market for commercial auto insurance is ever-changing including the coverage needs for taxi fleet operators. Fleet insurance is a cost-effective coverage solution for business owners with more than 5 vehicles in their taxi fleet. With the start of 2020 approaching one of the biggest topics in California taxi news is the introduction of the AB5 bill and it’s potential negative impact on the Taxi industry. Luckily for owners and operators looking for Taxi Fleet Insurance, American Business Insurance Services Inc. has started on a solution to tackle the AB5 Bill and the potential need to classify drivers as employees versus independent contractors.

Taxi Fleet Insurance

American Business Insurance Services CEO Dave Haley has started developing a technology-based Work Comp Coverage to satisfy the needs of Taxi Fleet owners that may be effected by the AB5 Bill. The ultimate goal is to be able to continue to provide additional coverage and services to our taxi insurance customers at a lower cost than the current standard market. To read more on the AB5 Bill and how American Business Services is working with Taxi Fleet Operators read our latest blog: AB5: Another Battle for Taxicab Owners


Upgrade Your Commercial Auto Insurance in 2020

Taxi Fleet Insurance in 2020 with American Business Insurance Services Inc. is getting another upgrade! A taxi insurance policy with us allows fleet operators to get instant access to our Online Portal to better manage their policy. Taxi fleet insurance needs to be able to adapt to a businesses individual needs at a moments notice and we have made that possible.

Taxi Fleet Insurance

Included in your Taxi Fleet Insurance policy with American Business Insurance:

  • Customizable insurance to meet your individual policy needs
  • Certificate & Auto ID Card issuance available in minutes via our Online Portal
  • Online access to make vehicle & driver changes to your policy 24/7
  • 35+ years of experience with commercial auto policies
  • Direct contact with a taxi insurance expert during business hours
  • Competitive pricing on coverage options

We are not stopping here when it comes to catering to taxi fleet operators. We are excited to announce the development of new services available with a Taxi Insurance Policy with American Business Insurance Services, Inc. in 2020.

Taxi News: Fleet Tracking Software with Taxi Insurance Built In! Available 2020

In order to operate a taxi fleet with maximum efficiency, owners have been turning to fleet management software to increase the ease of oversight. Our new proprietary fleet tracking platform was created to seamlessly incorporate your taxi insurance policy. Taxi owners will now be able to GPS track each and every car 24/7, and more! Interested in adding this service to your Taxi Insurance Policy in 2020? Contact Us Today! 800-980-1950 Ext. 4

UBI Telematics coming to Taxi Insurance Coverage in 2020Taxi News

One of the biggest trends in taxi news is the introduction of Usage Based Insurance products for commercial auto policies. UBI Telematics have been available through personal auto markets for some time, such as Metromile. Usage Based Insurance is slowly making its way into the commercial auto industry. American Business Insurance Services, Inc. currently offers UBI Insurance for larger companies involved with providing services for the sharing economy. As we continue to work to cater to the taxi industry, we are working hard to be able to offer UBI Insurance coverage to taxi fleet operators. Follow us on Linkedin to stay up to date!

Work Comp Solutions for Taxi Fleet Owners and Operators

American Business Insurance Services, Inc. has identified the need to help taxi business owners make the transition from an independent contractor business model to an employee based model. Government policies are making changes in states such as California on the qualifications of an independent contractor. It is a real possibility we see similar policies on a national scale in the future. American Business Insurance Services Inc., CEO Dave Haley is preparing to be one step ahead by starting the development of a technology-based Work Comp product that will provide coverage for employees at a lower cost than the current industry standard.

Taxi Fleet Insurance for 2020

As you prepare to step into 2020, our team at American Business Insurance wants to help. We are available by phone Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm to help you get the most out of your taxi insurance policy. You can visit our website to learn more about our services and REQUEST A QUOTE.

As Taxi insurance options increase it’s important to make sure you are aware of all the benefits available to you. Call us today to speak with an agent who can work with you on getting the best taxi insurance policy for your business.

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