Roseville Cab Taxi Driver Saves Woman from IRS Tax Scammer

Two weeks ago, a Roseville Cab taxi driver who is also insured through ABI, Rajbir Singh picked up a 92-year-old woman from her home in Roseville, CA. After getting settled into her seat, she requested that he take her to the bank. Shortly after talking with her, he found out she was going to withdraw $25,000 to settle an alleged debt with the IRS.

Rajbir Singh with two local Roseville area police officers.

Singh had a hunch that the person calling the woman for the money was a scammer. He tried repeatedly to get her to change her mind.

As reported by CNN on Sunday, Feb. 16th, Singh told them “I am an honest guy, and these are old people. They need help,” Singh, the owner of Roseville Cab, told CNN on Thursday. “It just made sense.”

As the conversation continued, the woman told Singh that someone had contacted her by phone saying she owed them money. As he asked more questions, he found out that she didn’t know the person calling.

The woman allowed Singh to try and call the number, and the man who answered hung up on Singh. When he tried to call back, the number blocked him.

Maybe the Police Will Help

After that, the woman was still not convinced she didn’t owe the money so Singh got the woman to agree on stopping by the Roseville Police Station before withdrawing the money. Once she spoke to the officer, she understood that was being scammed.

Singh, who has been a loyal customer of ABI since 2016, is the perfect example of breaking the stigma of taxi drivers. More often than not, our drivers are not always painted in the best light (though we see them differently). We felt it our duty to not only reward his good deed – but to promote it publicly!

Other drivers may have stayed out of it, minded their own business to rush into the next trip/fare – but Mr. Singh took it upon himself to look out for others – which deserves all the accolades he can get. This is why American Business Insurance is rewarding our client with a Good Samaritan Taxi Driver Award which includes a $250 Visa Gift Card!

If you are ever in need of a ride in the Roseville area, please call Roseville Cab and ask for Rajbir! We know you will be in great hands.

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