Cannabis Delivery Insurance

Cannabis Delivery Insurance

American Business Insurance has been reliably insuring a diverse range of vehicles for over 35 years. We have built custom portals designed for public and business automobiles. We are constantly updating our services to cater to our client’s needs and desires. Our newest service is Cannabis Delivery Insurance. Due to the recent legalization of adult-use and medical cannabis across the country, we decided to offer Cannabis Delivery Insurance. It is important to our business that we maintain consistency, while also evolving with the ever-changing world. Our commitment to providing the coverage you need at the prices you can afford makes us unique. 

Why Choose American Business Insurance?

Currently, state-by-state legislation regarding medical and adult cannabis use continues to change. Fortunately, we are licensed in almost every state and are proud to be a leading brokerage in the country. Additionally, we have a great connection with the carrier who writes cannabis delivery insurance at this time. The recent legalization in some states makes it challenging to find a carrier for delivery insurance. We understand the frustration you may be feeling! However, there is no need to look any further because we have the connections you need. 

California’s cannabis business is implementing a final draft on regulations. This would include approved statewide marijuana deliveries, even in particular areas that ban cannabis.

As a result, sales will boost drastically. Licensed retailers and delivery businesses will be allowed to reach consumers in cities or towns that prohibit commercial cannabis sales. We stay up to date on cannabis legislation in order to ensure we meet all the delivery insurance regulations. By choosing American Business Insurance, we provide you with licensed experts and professional coverage.

Efficiency and Quality

Due to our direct connection, we are able to get an online pricing quote from our carrier within minutes. Other agencies do not have a direct appointment with an efficient carrier. This can result in waiting anywhere between 5 days to an entire month or more for cannabis-related insurance. We are extremely fortunate to have the connection with our carrier who provides both efficiency and attention to detail.

We have the ability to write other lines of business in the cannabis space. However, our current focus is on cannabis delivery insurance. We are first committing to quick and thorough cannabis delivery insurance before we expand into other cannabis insurance fields.


In the state of California, we also can turn bonds around quickly. Additionally, we can turn General Liability proposals around within a week, if needed. The size of your cannabis delivery does not limit us. At American Business Insurance we have the ability to write insurance for any size cannabis delivery. Our carrier does not offer cargo coverage by default, however, we can offer a stand-alone policy. We can also extend out the business of origin.

Overall, we are here to meet your needs for cannabis delivery insurance. We are committed to providing you with the most qualified insurance for the most affordable price. Please click the link below to get more information on pricing or other details.

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